Tips To Improve Your Hotel Room Interior Design

Tips To Improve Your Hotel Room Interior Design

If your hotel’s rooms are starting to look or feel outdated, that could lead to fewer bookings and less income for your hotel. Guests are always looking for modern rooms and amenities when they book their stay somewhere, so don’t ignore much-needed design updates. Here are some tips you can use to improve your hotel room’s interior design to look and feel more modern.

Update Paint Colors

Some of the fastest-changing aspects of interior design are paint color trends. Many hotels may still bear the soft yellows and wallpaper patterns that were popular in past decades. Wall color is one of the first things guests notice when they enter your hotel rooms, so you want your color choices to make a good first impression. If it’s been a decade or so since you’ve repainted your walls, it could be time for a change. Swap outdated colors for clean whites and pastels or neutral tones. Light, neutral colors like these will help your space feel larger and brighter.

Swap Out Hotel Linens

Another telltale sign of an outdated hotel is tacky bedding. Swapping out your hotel rooms’ linens prevents hygiene and cleanliness. It can also help your rooms appear more modern. Instead of sticking with patterned or dark-colored blankets and sheets, choose bright white or pastel hues. These will often make your beds look and feel cleaner and help brighten the room.

Upgrade Your Amenities

One of the biggest signs that your hotel room’s interiors are outdated is that your appliances and amenities are old and unappealing. In-room amenities are some of the most important features that draw in new guests. For this reason, it’s vital to keep your amenities updated. Additionally, upgrading your television, PTAC units, bathroom fixtures, and more will help your hotel rooms appear more modern. This will also give your interior design a boost.

Embracing a more modern interior design can help your hotel attract more guests and visitors. Remember these tips to improve your hotel room interior design to promote more bookings and satisfaction from your guests.

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