Top 4 Tips for Bowfishing in Cold Weather

Top 4 Tips for Bowfishing in Cold Weather

Now that cold weather is settling in across the country, we wanted to take a moment to talk to the hunters and fishers out there. This season is a difficult one—you may even feel like you can’t enjoy your hobbies for a while! However, that’s just not true. Take a look at these top four tips for bowfishing in cold weather, and get ready to have some fun!

Take It Slow

Fish swim more slowly in cold water, so you’ll need to adapt your tactics to skewer them properly. Get a sense of a fish’s speed before firing your arrow—they’ll travel much more slowly than usual.

Check Local Regulations

Not every state permits winter bowfishing, but many have changed their regulations over the past few years. Be sure to check your regulations before heading out—you don’t want to get in trouble because you weren’t up-to-date on local law!

Remember Warmth

Keeping warm is a crucial part of any outdoor winter activity. Bundle up, but not so much that you lose your mobility. Wear long underwear as a first layer, and place wool on top. Mittens you can flip open are also excellent for keeping your fingers warm but accessible for that key moment when you spot a fish. You may also want to take a portable heater to keep your immediate area toasty.

Don’t Forget Your Lights

Lights are an essential part of bowfishing if you want consistent success. In the winter, how you attach your lights depends on the condition of the water. You can still pick up quality boat driving lights if things aren’t too icy. Alternatively, you can install lights on a fish house. Use the lights to pick out the silhouettes of fish in the water below you, then fire!

Now that you know these top four tips for bowfishing in cold weather, grab your bow and take a friend along! You’ll have a lot more fun if you’ve got someone to chat with while waiting for the right moment to strike.

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