Udacity Launches Cyber ​​Security Business Leaders Program to Address Top Enterprise Threats

Mountain View, California, October 5, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Udacity, the digital talent transformation platform, today announced the launch of the Cybersecurity for Business Leaders Program, designed to equip C-suite and senior leaders with the practical knowledge, skills and tools to prepare for and manage cybersecurity risks. in their digital environment.

Between 2020 and 2021, a company’s average attempted cyber attack will increase by 31 percent, according to Accenture, making cybersecurity a top concern for enterprises worldwide. With the number of cyber attacks on the rise, it’s more important than ever to ensure leaders have the skills and domain knowledge needed to address critical cyber security threats within their organizations – yet many leaders, especially outside of IT, are unaware of best practices. In this gap. To address this growing skills gap, Udacity’s Cyber ​​Security for Business Leaders Program develops leaders in the areas of cybersecurity focus areas. Offering comprehensive course content tailored to meet the needs of senior executives, Cybersecurity for Business Leaders will enable graduates to confidently lead conversations about cybersecurity with internal and external stakeholders, foster a cybersecurity organizational culture, develop an incident response plan for network detection and response, and develop a three-pronged strategy for their organization. Establishes annual cybersecurity investment budget.

“Leaders must lean into conversations around cybersecurity — not shy away from them.” Gabriel DalportoWith 70 percent of Udacity CEOs including cybersecurity at every board meeting, and 72 percent of CEOs reporting strong cybersecurity strategies and expressing their confidence to key stakeholders, it’s imperative that business leaders take ownership of this. Incredibly Important Topic: Udacity’s Cybersecurity for Business Leaders Program empowers strategic leaders to build a comprehensive framework for cybersecurity across their organizations, help their businesses respond to emerging threats, and deliver successful results.

The Online Cyber ​​Security for Business Leaders Program brings together global leaders to master the cybersecurity skills that will transform their company culture and strengthen their organizations. Program participants will:

  • Develop an understanding of common cyber challenges, risk analyses, detection and response strategies, and investments required to support technical and cultural changes that embrace security best practices.
  • Be able to identify potential cyber threats to their organization
  • Understand the strategic concerns of vendors, suppliers and their customers in the digital ecosystem
  • Develop expertise in responding to low, medium and high risk cyber threats
  • Develop an enterprise risk management (ERM) plan and an incident response plan (IRP).
  • Define a 3-year cyber security budget

The course is given by Dr. Eric Hollis, CEO and President of HollisGroup LLC. Dr. Hollis is an executive and leader with experience in information technology, cybersecurity, risk management, intelligence operations, data privacy, blockchain, and cybersecurity leadership.

“Digital ecosystems create easy access to cyber threats and breaches,” said Dr. Eric Hollis. “Cybersecurity is a highly detailed program for business leaders, and I’m excited to work with a diverse group of leaders who want to expand their cybersecurity skill sets and help their teams achieve excellence.”

The Cyber ​​Security for Business Leaders program follows the launch of Udacity’s Cyber ​​Security School March 2021. According to Cyber ​​Security Ventures, by 2025, there will be 3.5 million cybersecurity jobs open worldwide—a 350 percent increase in eight years. The Udacity Cyber ​​Security School is designed to provide. all of them Students gain the practical experience and resources they need to protect their data and ensure maximum uptime in an age where managing online risks is a standard operating procedure for every organization.

To learn more about the Udacity Cyber ​​Security Business Leaders Program or to register for the next cohort, please visit us here.

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