Understanding a Corporate Shuttle Solution

Corporate Shuttle Solution- Let’s face it! No matter how big or small your business is, it can be hard to keep track of how your employees get to and from work. There are more things going on at the same time, like billing and manually scheduling each pick-up and drop-off.


Even if you have the best transport manager on your team, mistakes happen all the time in a project of this size. Why not make it so that your transport facility manager doesn’t have to do most things by hand? This is where a corporate shuttle solution comes to the rescue. 


What is a Corporate Shuttle Solution?

A corporate shuttle solution is a digital tool to manage all your employee shuttle services or charter bus through a single interface. This master interface is usually a smartphone app. 


At the moment, many companies lease their corporate fleet from a single vendor and pay flat rates. Many bigger companies buy their own shuttles and hire drivers to take their workers to and from work every day.


In both cases, companies have no say over how much their workers’ commutes cost or how safe they are. Your fleet’s supplier might raise prices, or your fleet’s driver might make unplanned pickups to make more money.


The employees can be picked up at set times without having to rely on technology. You also need information about important things like seating, routes, and times.


Having data on such things can help you reduce the overall cost of employee commute. 


A corporate shuttle solution provides an interactive interface that lets employers automate employee office commutes. 


Top Features and Benefits of Corporate Shuttle Solution   

How exactly does the automation take place? Through various features built within a corporate shuttle solution or app. 


Let us now understand the features in details:


  1. Real-Time Tracking 

A corporate shuttle solution allows employees to track their shuttle in real-time. This way, they arrive at their pickup location early for an on-time pickup, which leads to on-time arrival. 


Employers and people in charge of transportation services can also keep track of the different employee shuttles to make sure they are running safely on their set routes. Any change in the path can be seen and reported to the authorities.

The driver doesn’t have to make unplanned stops or take longer routes, which can lead to big bills.


  1. Multiple Attendance Capture 

A shuttle carries several employees at once. In such a scenario, keeping track of no-shows or employees who have opted out of company transport can be challenging. A corporate shuttle solution remedies this through its multiple attendance capturing methods. 


The corporate shuttle solution can use RFID cards and contactless sign-ins based on proximity to track how cars are used.


You can get an accurate number of employees who use company transportation if you take attendance from more than one place. Using this information, you can either add or take away shuttles. The latter can save money on transportation costs.


  1. Automated Routing 

Businesses can save a lot of money by making sure their shuttles software takes the best routes. But companies that still use transportation systems based on pen and paper have a hard time making sure routes are legal.


This is why a switch to a corporate shuttle solution makes sense. This digital tool can automate routing. It can calculate the most fuel-efficient route for your shuttle. It also allows your transport managers to create fixed routes based on their calculations.  


So, you can make pick-up and drop-off easier and save money on gas, which makes it cheaper for employees to get to work.


  1. Security Dashboard 

If you use legacy employee transport systems, there is no way to ensure employee safety. A corporate shuttle solution will change that through its unique security features. 


A corporate shuttle service will likely feature a centralized security dashboard. It has alert buttons for emergencies, such as overspeeding, geofence violations, women travelers, unscheduled vehicle stoppage, SOS, etc.  


Such safe commute shuttle companies will boost employee satisfaction and positively affect workplace productivity.


  1. Automated Billing 

Keeping accurate payment records or seeking them for employee shuttles is a pain. So much so that most companies pay their fleet vendors without even double-checking bills unless they are outrageously high. This often leads to pilferage. 


The solution is an automated billing system that sends out bills at the end of each trip. After taking into account the distance traveled and the amount of time it took, algorithms figure out these amounts. These amounts are correct and change over time.


With this feature, companies only pay for what their workers use. It cuts overcharging by a lot and makes it easier for employees to see how much their commute costs.


Which Corporate Shuttle Solution to Pick?

A corporate transportation solution can generate custom reports on specific parameters, like vendor rating, seat, vehicle, and driver compliance, etc. Such valuable data enables transport managers to optimize employee commutes further. 


Are you in search of a robust corporate shuttle solution? Manage your employee travels most optimally and cost savings with MoveInSync. This end-to-end digital platform automates tracking, billing, routing, compliance, and other elements associated with employee commutes. Schedule a demo to know more. 


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