Unlucky for many, Friday the 13th is lucky for some business owners.

MIDLAND, Texas (COSA) – Superstition says Friday the 13th is the unlucky day of the year.

But for businesses like Uprock Midland, the day offers a lucky chance to bring in new customers.

Sonny Aguilar has owned ‘Uprock’ for 23 years. It is a versatile composition of skateboards, smoking accessories and incense.

“I took everything I needed and loved growing up and mixed it together,” Aguilar said.

But mostly ‘Uprock’ is done with tattoos.

“We’ve seen it all, it’s all been done,” Aguilar said. “Tattoos don’t drive me crazy anymore.”

During his time as owner of ‘Uprock’, the art of tattooing has changed.

“Back in the day, you always practiced on your head, grapes or pigskin,” he said.

But some things never change, like Friday the 13th being one of the busiest days of the year.

“He’s definitely one of them,” Aguilar said. “for sure.”

Aguilar said Friday that the 13th tattoo conventions used to tattoo the number “13” on the body. However, in recent years, shops have shifted to offering deals on smaller tattoos, he said.

As fan Courtney Heard can attest, the deals work.

“We’re going to have the moon on our shoulders,” explained Heard.

Aguilar’s relationship with Friday the 13th goes beyond business. He was born on Friday, October 13.

“I always thought Friday the 13th was lucky,” he said. “It was always a lucky day for me.”

So, maybe everyone is wrong. Or maybe it’s just another name for what you get lucky with.

“A 23-year-old man,” Aguilar said. “23 years.”

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