VIPOP is leading the way in sustainable fashion practices in Hong Kong

With the growing number of studies detailing the impacts of fast fashion on the environment, consumers are beginning to move towards sustainable fashion. While it can be a minefield trying to find companies that actually have sustainable and ethical practices, given the amount of greenwashing and lack of regulation in this area, VIPOP is an organization that is trying to help bring out in the spotlight of brands and designers who are creating change.

Mindful practices at the core of VIPOP
Founded by Lenia Perez AND Fabiana Gonzalez in 2019, VIPOP brings artisan clothing and jewelry designers from Latin America. Since its inception, VIPOP has had a focus on ensuring its own environmentally and socially oriented policies and procedures. Even when they created their team, they hired women from Ecuador, Iran, Australia and Hong Kong. Similarly, when selecting designers, they curate brands that espouse these values.

In the slow fashion space, they work with the brands they either use durable materialssuch as vegan, organic or recyclable or have zero-waste processes or are working to offset their carbon footprint.

For example, Baobab is a Colombian swimwear brand that uses recycled marine debris such as plastic and fishing nets to create their iconic pieces. Another brand, KRSV, which is based in Hong Kong, uses commercial textile silk waste to create high-end, handmade pieces that are flattering and suitable for the Asian climate. Amaré, is a plant-based company that creates eco-friendly and cruelty-free handbags from cactus skin. Their vegan leather is PVC-free, 100% organic and free of pesticides and herbicides.

VIPOP also appreciates and curates brands that demonstrate a commitment to their social values. Suki Cohen, an underwear and swimwear brand promotes positive body image and seeks to create pieces for women that feel comfortable and natural. Many of their designers also work with indigenous people and follow ancient practices that would otherwise disappear. Saru Artesanías, for example, works to showcase Colombia’s best artisans. Working with a range of craft communities, they empower locals to create and take ownership of their work, capturing the history, culture and traditions that have been passed down through generations. Similarly, Armadillo Stores, was created to support Kichwa artisans in remote regions of Ecuador. These artisans weave the caboose plant into stunning bags, ponchos, etc., using techniques that are not only tedious but also endangered.

Brings fashion to life in the heart of Hong Kong
Realizing that online shopping doesn’t always do justice to the intricate, high-quality pieces available, the VIPOP team also partnered with Nominal to create Artezano.

A space combined with boutique and cafe, Artezano allows you to fully immerse yourself in the Latin American experience. With a sun-dappled decor showcasing stunning linens and jewelery and a carefully curated menu, you’ll never want to leave the space. Trying on hats or earrings will make you truly appreciate the time, effort and craftsmanship that goes into each item. Plus, if you’re lucky, you can meet the founder, Fabiana herself, to tell you the stories of the brands and designers, bringing you along on this beautiful and vibrant journey.

Buy VIPOP online or at Artezano, 52 – 54 Graham Street, G/Floor, Hong Kong

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