Virginia Tech “great job” recruiting…

After finding plenty of success recruiting the Richmond area in the 2023 class, Virginia Tech is looking to continue as a top Richmond target in the 2024 cycle with three-star WR Eric Smith of Varina HS.

So far, the Hokies are building some strong relationships with Smith, who told us Tech is doing a “great job” recruiting him. Head coach Brent Pry has been part of the team for the Hokies, building some great relationships with Smith. He said this about his relationship with Prairie.

“It’s a great relationship, not a bad time with Coach Prem,” Smith said.

WRs coach Fontel Mines told us she expects the three-star WR to have a good relationship with Mines, who is playing a big role in recruiting Smith.

“It’s a great relationship. I’ve known him since he was at ODU, and he’s the one who introduced me to ODU!” Smith said.

Two other people who will play a big role in Smith’s recruitment are assistant director of player personnel Alex Jones and defensive coordinator Chris Marv. Now, it may come as a surprise that Marv isn’t in Marv’s range, nor is he a defensive player, but Marv has developed a strong relationship with Smith, which seems to give Tech an extra boost.

“Coach Marv and I have a great relationship with me being an offensive player. He always picks my brain and checks on me and my family,” Smith said.

It shouldn’t surprise us that Smith got a lot of interest, as he was on a Varina team with a lot of WR talent. Season.

Looking ahead, he told us that the only visit he has planned right now is to visit Virginia Tech on Monday, January 23rd for Big Dawg Junior Day.

The Hokies are putting in the work and building some strong relationships with three-star WR Eric Smith, who could be part of another strong unit from Richmond.

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