Vritvi Sawant talks about her journey as a Debut-Author

Vritvi Sawant

Vritvi Sawant is an entrepreneur, a podcaster, a public speaker & now an author. With her Debut book, “Blinded By Ambition”, being published WORLDWIDE, in a fiction-literature category,  she has paved a path for herself towards fame & recognition, with some amazing reviews on book-selling portals & some renowned people. 

“We are all a part of someone’s story or being in one. So let’s make sure, we become a memorable one” – Vritvi Sawant



In conversation with Vritvi Sawant:


Vritvi was always fond of writing down her thoughts & short poems & proverbs in numerous diaries since childhood, apart from wanting to grab the center stage & speak in front of a crowd. 

Her parents thought, she would become a teacher if not a doctor, because they are doctors. But since they knew her love for writing & reading, they somewhere also had a hint of her becoming an author. As a matter of fact, she used to tell them, “You know what, Mom Dad, I will write a book someday & will be an inspiration to many people”. But just like all Indian-Asian parents, they never took this statement seriously. Today, when they see her blazing ahead with her talents as a podcaster, as an author & as an entrepreneur, those words keep coming back to them & for sure today, they are the proudest of all. 


When asked about her motivation or the so-called ‘inspiration source’’, behind writing her book on the concept of Angel & Devil, with a base of fiction-literature, she said, “I have always been a person with a lot of clarity in my thoughts. Hence, if asked anything, I would rather say a yes or a no. I would never give a diplomatic answer. But one day, while I was just discussing this with my dad, he made me understand that, you can’t always be like there’s either a black or white, there’s also grey & if you think with a calm mind, that grey part needs to be addressed too. 


And that one statement actually rang the bell. Before that, what I had written was only a story of a CEO & his inner mind, whom I had addressed as ‘the Saint’. But later on, I changed the complete narrative, scrapped the old script & worked on a completely new one. And since, I always believed in the concept of Angels & demons, I thought, this would be a great fiction story to bring out a message of finding a balance in our minds, and in our lives. 


However, with the release of my book worldwide & the reviews & love I have got for my work, are incredible & I have to pinch myself at times in awe. What else does a writer want? Right?”


So are there any plans for a sequel for this book?: “Yes Offcourse!! Working on it :)” *Smiles


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