Warren Buffett trends on Twitter for all the wrong reasons

Warren Buffett has come under public scrutiny following a rail workers’ strike that brought under pressure rail workers’ inhumane demands and expectations. BNSF, owned by Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway, is one of the major trucking companies that has gone under the radar for denying workers basic rights and benefits. The whole fiasco calls into question the truth behind the so-called charitable double standards. Since the truth came out, BNSF and Buffet have been facing backlash on Twitter. Read along to learn more.

Warren Buffett.

What and why

The strike by thousands of railway workers demanding basic benefits and rights has brought out the truth behind the inhumane working conditions and demands of these workers. Their situation is so horrible that they can’t even take paid or unpaid sick or emergency days. A day off can add up to points that can eventually lead to termination of employment. Under the threat of unemployment, these workers are forced to overwork to the point of exhaustion. Not only this, they are also required to be on call 24/7 which aggravates fatigue and exhaustion.

According to unions, BNSF is one of the major trucking companies not ready for any negotiations as they continue to deny the allegations. The basic nature of the strike and workers’ demands makes one wonder how hypocritical individuals like Buffett are when they dress up in the cloak of magnanimity and philanthropy. US Senator Bernie Sanders responded to the situation and urged Warren Buffett to intervene and prevent the strike, “In the event of a railroad strike, Warren Buffett, owner of the BNSF railroad company, worth $100 billion, should intervene.” ” Another fact that cannot be overlooked is that Warren Buffett made huge profits during the pandemic. The difference between the owner and the lack of staff is striking and hard to ignore. This highlights the importance of ensuring higher wages and a safer working environment for workers.

When Warren Buffett and BNSF faced massive protests, Twitter City workers were unhappy with the way they were being treated, and the anger was reflected on Twitter. Let’s take a couple of responses and responses.

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