Ways To Make Your Home Office More Efficient

Ways To Make Your Home Office More Efficient

As more and more of us work off-site and careers demand a separate place in the home exclusive to work, the need to create an efficient in-house workspace has never been greater. If your workspace consists of a dining room table and chair that are in the middle of the house’s action, it might be time for a change. Here are just a few ways to make your home office more efficient. They could make a difference in your productivity and your sanity!

Create a Dedicated Workspace

A house or apartment should be a home for all, except between certain hours. Creating a dividing line, real or imaginary, between your workspace and the rest of the place is a must. If others live in the house, make it clear that your work area (if it doesn’t have a door) is off-limits during the hours you’re working. This is especially important during teleconferencing. Separation is also achievable by placing the workspace as far from distractions as possible. That doesn’t just mean television sets and recreation areas, it means household tasks that may tempt you away from the “real” work. Your workspace should be an island of calm.

Keep It Comfy

Your work may be serious business, but that doesn’t mean you need to be uncomfortable. If you’re sitting for long periods, get an ergonomic chair. It’ll provide plenty of support, especially around your lower back. Sit up while working, and make sure your legs are neither folded up nor dangling from your chair. Keep your computer at arm’s length to reduce strain on your fingers, hands, arms, and eyes. There are many other ways to keep your home office comfortable, but these are a good foundation.

Reduce Clutter

A messy desk and office space don’t suggest anything other than disorganization and confusion. Even if no one else visits your home office, you’re there, and all that clutter will keep you from working efficiently in different ways. Most obviously, it’s more difficult to find the things you need to do your job. It’s also a chaotic environment that’s not conducive to clear thoughts and can tempt you to clean rather than concentrate on the actual work. You should get rid of the chaff and store the important stuff away in filing cabinets, storage boxes, and closet space. Impose a rule to keep only what you’re currently working on at your desk.

Stay Focused

If you’re still looking for ways to make your home office more efficient, consider your use of digital distractions. If you find yourself on news sites, social media, games, and so forth when you should be working, exile them from your computer or phone. If you can’t bear to remove your favorite apps and sites, you’re not out of luck, though. Your browser probably has an application that allows you to limit your use of these things to times outside of work or in shortened increments. Use scheduling software to mark the time for work and play too, with alerts that let you know if you’re falling behind.

Any home office can become your personal headquarters for greater efficiency. With the above ideas in mind, you’ll get more stuff done sooner.

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