What To Consider When Designing Custom Apparel

What To Consider When Designing Custom Apparel

Are you considering adding apparel to your business’s line of custom merchandise? Customizing apparel is a fantastic way to add products to your shelves that your customers will love. Before you dive into the world of branded clothing, here are a few things to consider when designing custom apparel.

Type of Apparel

There is a wide variety of apparel and accessory options to choose from for creating branded clothing. If you want to produce an entire clothing line for your business, you might want to choose outfit pieces such as shirts, hoodies, sweatpants, and other clothing items.

However, if you simply want a few extra pieces of merchandise to line your retail store’s shelves, consider choosing from accessories such as hats, socks, and other smaller pieces. Items such as hats still provide plenty of customization options without taking up much room on your store’s shelves.

Your Design

There is an art to creating designs for branded apparel. You want your design to be readable to both the wearer and the people around them. Branded apparel acts like a mini billboard to help encourage brand recognition, so make sure your design is clear.

For example, when designing a custom hat, choose the best fonts for creating a custom hat logo that promote a readable design and stay on brand with your business. You can also explore color psychology, logo size, and placement as other aspects that will make your branding stand out.

Customization Service

Finally, once you have your plain apparel and a design, you’re ready for customization. However, not every business has a printing or embroidery machine on hand, so many look for customization services to help create their products.

When choosing a customization service, always check their experience, testimonials, and example products to make sure you’re working with a reputable business. Don’t forget to consider your budget as well—some types of customizations will be more expensive than others.

Remember these tips as you navigate your choice of apparel, custom designs, and customization services. Now that you know what to consider when designing custom apparel, you’re ready to place your custom apparel order!

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