Why Proper Signage Is Important in Any Parking Garage

Why Proper Signage Is Important in Any Parking Garage

Signage is just as important in a parking garage or lot as on a highway or busy city road. Here are some reasons why following signage laws is so important for any parking garage.

It Helps Your Business Stay Lawful and Compliant

The parking garage owner is responsible for ensuring that all the proper signage is in place in their facility. Different states have distinct laws on signage regulations, but all facilities should get held to some form of signage guidelines. For example, federal law requires ADA-compliant parking spaces and signage in parking lots and facilities across the country. Check local, state, and federal laws regarding which signage to include in your parking garage. This will help ensure your business doesn’t face unnecessary liability for accidents or injuries on your property.

Prevents Accidents and Injuries

One of the reasons proper signage is so crucial to parking structures is to reduce the frequency of injuries and accidents that could take place. Both pedestrian and vehicular accidents can take place in any space where vehicles are present, but careful placement of signs can help reduce these events. For example, regulate the speed limit in your lot or garage with speed limit signs, especially in areas where pedestrians are present such as crosswalks. These signs can help reduce driver distractions and minimize accidents.

New Signage Promotes Upkeep

Promoting proper signage in your parking facility also means updating old and worn-out signs when necessary. Be sure to inspect your garage’s signs and their readability regularly. Your facility’s signage can only be effective when visitors can read it from their vehicles. So, if your signs look faded, remember to replace them with updated models. Proper signage will help your facility look and feel updated and well-kept, which can help encourage returning customers.

These are some reasons why signage is so important in any parking garage or structure. Be sure that your business stays up to date with its signage to follow local and state laws and promote safety.

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