YC’s Michael Seibel clears up some misconceptions about the accelerator • TechCrunch

Same goes for Michael Sibel. With the growth of Y Combinator over the past decade.

He has an opinion on large scale, growing formal deals, competition, the power of venture capital and why startup founders should prioritize more than a check after show day.

When he said He spoke to TechCrunch’s Equity podcast, which he co-hosted. Natasha Maskerenhas And Alex WilhelmAbout Y Combinator Amidst Market Change.

They see the institution, which has supported thousands of entrepreneurs — some of whom have built billion-dollar companies — as the heart of software. His perspective is important, as one of the longest running failures at Y Combinator, he powerfully assists the selection process and early stages.

Wherever you find podcasts, the conversation is now live, so listen. We’ve extracted four key quotes from the interview below for further analysis. The questions and answers have been edited for clarity.

The future of formal agreement

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