You can probably grow it closer to home than you think.

Nonprofit FORGE is bringing startups ‘closer’ to America.

There is continuity. The theory in hardware is that overseas manufacturing is a cheaper/better/efficient option. You work there, collect elsewhere, and finally get approved and come to America.

But it can be produced closer to home. With supply chains in the news more than ever, “closer” is an option for startups; You can build many things in your own backyard that you can build overseas, with incredible benefits along the way.

To learn more about how to scale back your manufacturing — or set up a local supply chain in the first place — we caught up with FORGE, a Massachusetts-based nonprofit on a mission to help innovators build closer to manufacturers and designers. to home. To date, it has supported more than 600 startups in their manufacturing, product development and supply chain needs, and wants to help many more.

“We help innovators, innovators, companies, individual innovators, especially in their product development, manufacturing and supply chain,” said FORGE Executive Director Laura Techcher. “There are a lot of support organizations in the ecosystem, but a lot of them are focused on business planning, fundraising, these other areas of business. And hardware is heavy. It has a high failure rate. It has more challenges. And that’s where FORGE is laser-focused.

Hardware is really hard. Innovations are not entirely created from the minds of their creators, and manufacturing at scale is especially challenging. So let’s take a closer look at how FORGE works and how it helps founders to produce in the other city instead of the other side of the world.

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