11 Best Barefoot Shoes (2023): For Running or Walking


You’ve probably worn padded shoes most of your life. Don’t expect to be able to throw them on and do the same kilometer – either walking or running – with bare feet. At some point, you have to relearn how to run and walk. It requires conscious effort on your part, and it can be overwhelming. Not only are you learning, but you are too Not learning Some ingrained habits. The main thing is to go slowly. Very, very, unbelievably slow.

How you approach barefoot shoes depends on what you want to do. I happened to be getting into running, which worked out pretty well because of me. He had. To take it slowly. If you’re currently an ultra-marathoner and want to try barefoot running, you’ll have a hard time holding yourself back. If you are somewhere between those poles, it will still be difficult not to overdo it. Pay attention to the discipline that you often use for distance is not Working the distance.

If you don’t know where to start, check out Graham Tuttle’s YouTube channel, especially his leg strengthening exercises. If you’ve been wearing these shoes for years, they’ll help build the foot and ankle strength you’ve been lacking and reduce muscle soreness when you start running barefoot. Tuttle also offers some paid programs (I haven’t tried any of these) aimed at giving you more personalized guidance. Another YouTube channel that I found helpful is the MovNat channel, which isn’t exclusively barefoot but has a lot of good footwear sprinkled throughout the content. And both if you haven’t read Christopher McDougall Created to run And Natural born heroes Barefoot related readings are interesting. Indeed, Created to run Since its birth in the early 1970s, the padded shoe has arguably done more to popularize barefoot running than anything else.

It’s fair to say that barefoot shoes are not a zero-sum game. I ran barefoot for over a year, wearing regular shoes for other activities and sandals the rest of the time. It’s all or nothing. It’s okay if you go jogging barefoot and slap on your favorite Converse afterward. It is also important to recognize that everyone is different. It took me six months to fully transition into bare feet. But that’s just me. It may take you two months or two years. Go at your own pace, and don’t worry about other people’s experiences.


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