12 Best Hair Straighteners We Tried (2023): Flat Irons, Hot Combs, and Straightening Brushes


Fixing my hair It’s typically a two-day affair. The night before I wash off all the product and load my hair with hair straighteners. I let it air dry, then braided it before bed and the next day the curls were lighter and easier to work with. Then, and after that, I can get into flat iron.

WIRED’s Gear team has a wide variety of braids, needs, and hairstyles, and we’ve all tried them. a lot Hairdressers in our lives. Some flat irons gave us sharp ends and narrow arms, while others gave us smooth hair like the ones listed here. There are tons of options to go around, but we hope our favorite hairstylists help narrow down your search.

Updated April 2023: We’ve added the Shark Flexstyle as our favorite tool. We’ve also added a couple of Wireless Honorable Mentions and a note on why we no longer offer Revlon One-Step.

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