4 Best Online Flower Delivery Services (2023): Permanent and Dried Flowers


They are some things. Difficult to send by yourself. Flowers are near the top of the list. They are beautiful, but the industry has an ugly face. Between the scale that water lilies need to grow, the dangers of pesticides, the potential for unpredictable and unfair working conditions, and the distance that flowers travel, a lot can go wrong. Flowers are decorative gifts that have an expiration date, which makes planning for sustainability even more important. If you’re buying flowers online, we’ve got some tips on how to make things last longer without emptying your wallet.

If possible, look for products that are seasonal and sourced directly from farms, especially those certified by environmental organizations such as the Rainforest Alliance. A florist should tell you where their flowers come from – and the closer to home, the better. If you don’t shop at your local florist (in your city or your recipient’s), find a great service that works with them. Small, reusable and compostable packaging can help you increase the ecological awareness of your supply.

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Two great flower delivery services

Bucks Co.

Photography: Bucks

Bucks Co.

I have personally used this service for years and have never had a bad experience. The quality and longevity of Bux’s supplies is amazing, and the service offers tons of affordable bouquets that are more visually distinct than you’ll find anywhere else. Bucks works with farms certified by third-party services, such as the Rainforest Alliance. The packaging is compact (while still protecting the contents) and reusable. Prices start at $49 for non-subscription orders.


Photography: Teleflora


Teleflora works directly with local florists, which means that the flower arrangements are hand-crafted and shipped instead of being collected and shipped elsewhere. As a result, the flowers are always fresh as daisies. (sorry) Teleflora arrangements always include a vase, which is a nice touch, as those can be expensive when added individually. Valentine’s Day events start at $50.

Try dried flowers


Photography: Landscaping


Flowers are very beautiful, but unless they are cared for they will eventually wither and dry out. Landscaping is one of the few online flower retailers that offer dry arrangements. Wreaths and bouquets are already well-preserved, and their prices are comparable to fresh produce. This is a more sustainable option than repeat deliveries. Prices start at $28.

Blooms and wild

Photography: Bloom and Wild

Flower and Wild (UK and beyond)

This service prioritizes sustainability through compostable and reusable packaging and emphasizes carbon-neutral delivery. Fresh flowers are available, as are a ton of dried flower arrangements. Bloom and Wild manufactures and delivers in the UK, Germany, Ireland and a few other countries, but not the US.

Shop local if you can

The most sustainable flower delivery is seasonal, local flowers and delivered over short distances. This means Local florist It will be your best choice. Often times, national delivery services work directly with local florists, so there’s a good chance the fantastic arrangements you see online will be available for the same, if not cheaper, price. Shipping is often cheaper when dealing directly with a local florist.

Do it yourself

Besides local florists, you can visit a nursery and pick flowers yourself. It’s easy to make an eye-catching bouquet with craft store supplies (there are tons of helpful tutorials on YouTube.) A vase or basket, fillers like beads, and pretty ribbon will get you far. Added bonus: Everyone loves a handmade gift!

How to save money on flower delivery

Flower arrangement prices do not reflect the cost of extras such as vases. You can send a bouquet without a vase or choose a smaller one to save a little money. Most flower delivery services offer a small discount in exchange for subscribing to their emails. Don’t be afraid to shop the sale section either – any reputable flower delivery service will ensure that every delivery is as beautiful as the last, regardless of size or price.


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