Necessity Hypermarkets: Pioneering Affordable Retail in India’s Heartland





In the competitive landscape of retail, where giants dominate, Necessity Hypermarkets, led by visionary Vishal Mahajan, has carved out a niche by offering a winning combination of affordability, accessibility, and quality. As a chain operational across six states, with ongoing expansions and an ambitious revenue target, Necessity is setting new standards in the supermarket and hypermarket sector, making quality goods accessible to every segment of society.


Core Offerings: Quality, Affordability, and Accessibility


Necessity Hypermarkets operates on a principle that strikes at the heart of everyday shopping—value for money. With a steadfast policy of pricing “Always Below MRP (Maximum Retail Price),” Necessity ensures that all customers, regardless of their budget, can shop without concern for price gouging. This policy is not just a marketing strategy but a commitment to fairness and consumer respect, which has been fundamental in earning customer trust and loyalty.


In addition to its competitive pricing, this offers “Free Home Delivery,” making it a preferred choice for many shoppers. This service eliminates the hassle of carrying heavy bags and the extra cost of transportation, offering unmatched convenience, especially appreciated by elderly and busy professionals.


The commitment to “Best Quality” products further sets this apart in the retail market. Every item on their shelves is selected to meet stringent quality standards, ensuring that customers do not have to compromise on the quality of goods due to lower prices. This three-pronged approach of pricing, convenience, and quality forms the cornerstone of Necessity Hypermarkets’ business model.


Expansion and Growth: Building for the Future


Under the leadership of Vishal Mahajan, Necessity is not just thriving but expanding. Currently operational in six states, the brand has robust expansion plans with fitouts ongoing in four sites and 25 more locations signed. This rapid expansion is part of a strategic plan to increase the brand’s footprint and make Necessity a household name in retail.


The financial growth of this market has been remarkable. Last year, the chain achieved a turnover of Rs 185 crores and is now targeting a sales turnover of Rs 1000 crores within the next 2-3 years. This ambitious target is supported by the planned opening of more than 40 stores. Each new store is not just a business expansion but a step towards making affordable shopping accessible to more Indians, contributing significantly to local economies and employment.


Catering to All Segments of Society


One of the unique aspects of this Hypermarkets is its inclusive approach. Whether it’s a family looking for budget groceries for someone seeking premium products, Necessity caters to all. This inclusivity is deeply integrated into every aspect of the business, from store layout to product range. Such diversity in offerings ensures that Necessity is a one-stop shop for every demographic, reinforcing its market position as a versatile and comprehensive retailer.


Challenges and Strategies


Navigating the complexities of retail, especially in a diverse market like India, comes with its challenges. Necessity addresses these through meticulous market research, adaptive business strategies, and an unyielding focus on customer satisfaction. Continuous feedback mechanisms and adapting to consumer trends help Necessity stay ahead in the game.


Moreover, Necessity is leveraging technology to enhance shopping experiences and streamline operations. From efficient inventory management systems to an easy-to-navigate online shopping platform, technology is at the forefront of Necessity’s strategy to meet modern-day consumer needs.




As this Hypermarkets continues to expand its presence across India, its core values of affordability, quality, and accessibility remain unchanged. The vision laid out by Vishal Mahajan is not just about business growth but about creating value for every stakeholder—customers, employees, and the communities they serve. In doing so, Necessity is not just a retail brand but a catalyst for positive change in the retail industry.


In the coming years, as it reaches new markets and touches more lives, it stands as a beacon of how mindful retailing can lead to sustained business success and societal benefit. With a customer-centric approach and an eye for sustainable growth, Necessity Hypermarkets is poised to redefine retail norms and set benchmarks for others to follow.



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