5 Ways To Effectively Avoid Secondhand Smoke

5 Ways To Effectively Avoid Secondhand Smoke

Smoking was common in previous decades because its long-term consequences were still largely unknown. Changing a routine and a lifestyle is challenging, but it’s always possible, especially if the results will help you live a longer and more prosperous life.

Smokers are everywhere, and although there has been a noticeable decrease in recent years, some people seem unable to stop. This is understandable due to the ingredients. As a non-smoker, you must learn these five ways to avoid secondhand smoke to prevent unwanted problems and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Set Boundaries

Setting boundaries with smokers is one of the best solutions to avoid secondhand smoke because it’s complex, depending on the situation. Asking someone politely to respect your space and health will help the smoker understand and learn when it’s appropriate for them to pull out a cigarette. If you live with a smoker, ask them to smoke outside and use an odor blocker to get rid of the smoke smell inside the house.

Wear a Filter Mask

Similar to wearing a face mask to avoid viruses or contamination, you can wear a mask to prevent inhaling secondhand smoke. This might feel unnecessary, but it will positively impact your health, especially if you have constant exposure to smoke. A filter mask is lightweight and quite effective.

Avoid Smoking-Friendly Establishments

By law, most businesses have had to restrict smoking inside enclosed spaces because of the dangerous effects it has on people and because it physically damages the business’s interior. Avoiding places like casinos and some restaurants is the best thing you can do unless they have a garden smoking shelter to protect non-smokers.

Encourage Quitting

The National Institute on Drug Abuse considers smoking an addiction because of the ingredients in cigarettes, cigars, and other smoking products. Namely, nicotine can create a dependency on the body that makes the habit hard to control. Encouraging someone to quit smoking is challenging because it takes not only the desire of the smoker to quit but also the right help and guidance. Improving a lifestyle to achieve a better quality of life requires motivation and dedication. You can help smokers by encouraging them to work out or find another hobby.

Sit Facing the Outdoor Wind

Sometimes there’s no other option but to put yourself in a slightly uncomfortable situation and deal with smoking, whether at a family reunion or business meeting. One of the best ways to effectively avoid secondhand smoke is to sit outside whenever possible and let the wind take the smoke away. It might take some calculations to determine the best seat for you, but it’ll greatly help.

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