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We’re excited to announce that Disruption, TechCrunch’s flagship annual conference, will feature a new platform this year.

The AI ​​Stage features professionals from across the AI ​​landscape, including ethicists, entrepreneurs, and investors involved in developments around AI and machine learning technologies. Their areas of expertise touch on generative AI, but also copyright issues when dealing with AI, such as training AI systems on copyrighted material that can be considered fair use.

The AI ​​Stage will host several topical panels, from panels covering startups in the AI ​​space to diversity in AI and how AI startups can make a compelling pitch floor for VCs.

There is much to discuss. This year, generative AI has dominated — and continues to dominate — the conversation, with the release of text generative AI systems like OpenAI’s GPT-4. As the technology enters the mainstream, each new day brings a new case – experts at the AI ​​stage are divided into details.

Among other topics, AI Stage will cover art-generating AI and the many controversies surrounding it, as well as its applicability to fields ranging from marketing to journalism. It also affects automation, including how AI is used to streamline work processes previously performed by human workers.

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