8 Best Apple AirPods Cases (2023): Retro, Quirky, and Spam


Some recently We at the WIRED Gear team have been obsessed with AirPods cases. Not just any old cases, but sneakers, candy, luggage, cell phones, spam cans that look like it allows you to show off the personality we’re talking about. Yes, I love Spam so much that I carry a can on my person at all times. Are these cases as attractive, durable and protective in person as they appear online? We’ve put a lot of testing into Apple’s earbuds lineup to find out. These are our favorite eccentric cases for regular AirPods (first, second and third generation) and AirPods Pro (first and second generation). We will continue to test more in the coming months.

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Medea Giordano and Julian Chokkattu contributed to this guide.

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