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Featured image by Christy Ford Getting your small business moving forwardChristy Ford is the co-founder of The Scout Guide. She began her career as a photographer and later moved to Charlottesville, where she opened a Georgia antique and home store with her mother. As the business grew, Christie realized there was a dearth of successful advertising opportunities for local small businesses. She was driven to find a solution, so The Scout Guide was born. Today, she and her partner have over 79 cities where their franchise publications are published and distributed to support the local business community. Christie leads creative direction and branding within the business. For more information, you can see

On today’s show, Kristy Ford shares the Scout Guide’s journey from the start to 79 franchises. She shares the ups and downs on that journey and what it took to come to the decision, and execute that decision to create a franchise.

“We are storytellers and connectors at heart. We are the conduits of our community and we bring small businesses together to make sure the community knows they exist.” – Christy Ford

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This week on the SmallBizChat podcast:

  • Building a large franchise from a 2 person startup.
  • How the scouting guide was transferred to the franchise.
  • Building your foundation before owning a franchise.
  • Knowing the ins and outs of how the franchise works.
  • Be clear in your model and what you want to franchise.
  • Flexibility and working as a labor of love.
  • Advantages and disadvantages of franchising your small business.

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