AI platform for analyzing creative advertising raises $5.1M from investors including a16z


In this increasingly AI-driven era, creative and media teams must use the technology to step up their game by analyzing their creative assets and A/B testing – or someone else will simply beat them to the punch.

Allison is a startup from Israel that analyzes creative works such as fonts, colors, sounds and texts. It then provides the creative team with a data-driven creative brief that they can use to feed into a generative AI production platform like Midjourney or (even!). Man Creative team.

The company has now raised $5.1M, a pre-seed round from investors including a16z, Crescendo Venture Partners, and yellowHEAD, among others.

While its main competitors include Vidmob, Replay and Visit, Allison AI allows advertisers to “see which creative elements have had the most impact on their competitors’ creatives,” said co-founder and CEO Asaf Yanai.

It does this by analyzing ad creative elements using 10+ AI models, including text recognition, voice recognition, visual recognition, sentiment recognition, etc.

Yanai says AlisonAI currently analyzes 1 billion creative entities across all social platforms.

Allison currently supports YouTube, AdWords, AdMob, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and TikTok among other platforms.


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