Uncovering the Secrets: The Symbolism Behind Anokhee Ada’s Vintage Silver Jewels 

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Delving into the enigmatic world of Anokhee Ada’s silver jewels transports us back to a time when jewellery was not merely an accessory but a tapestry woven with rich narratives and cultural symbols. These vintage treasures from the early 19th century serve as a testament to the profound artistry and intricate symbolism that defined the era’s craftsmanship across the globe. Anokhee Ada’s collection is a curated anthology of pieces that not only dazzle the eye but also invite us to unearth the stories and traditions they embody. 


At the heart of Anokhee Ada’s collection is the Lilavati Haar, a statement necklace from Afghanistan, dating back to 1917. This masterpiece, with its vibrant Firoza stones and distinctive ¼ rupee coin adornments, transcends its physical allure to narrate a tale of historical significance and cultural exchange. The choice of materials and design elements reflect the artisan’s desire to encapsulate a piece of Afghani heritage, making it a relic of the past that continues to speak volumes. 

Another remarkable piece in the collection is the Arvee Bangles. Originating from the tribal communities of Dangee and Patel in Rajasthan, these bangles are a marvel of old silver craftsmanship. Their quarter-hinged design, which opens with a central pin, is not just a testament to the ingenuity of their creators but also a mirror to the rich tribal traditions of Rajasthan. The intricate designs carved into the silver are a silent ode to the community’s heritage, a link to the ancestral past preserved in the form of exquisite jewelry. 

The Inayat Double Ring, also hailing from Rajasthan, intertwines the beauty of adornment with the depth of cultural symbolism. The ring, adorned with dangles or a trio of balls, is more than an accessory; it is a symbol of the family unit and a talisman for continuity across generations. This piece reflects the deep-seated values of Rajasthani culture, where family and tradition are held in the highest regard, and jewelry serves as a bearer of these values. 

The Girija Silver Bangle, or “Chood” as it is traditionally known, is a pair of high-grade silver armlets that date back to the mid-20th century. Worn on the upper arms, these armlets are part of a larger ensemble of silver jewelry that adorns the arms of Rajasthani women, creating a breathtaking display of craftsmanship and tradition. The armlets are not just decorative items but are imbued with cultural significance, often associated with marital status and regional identity. 


Anokhee Ada’s collection is more than an assortment of vintage jewelry; it is a bridge to the past, offering insights into the cultural fabric of the time. Each piece, with its unique design and symbolism, invites us to explore the depths of cultural heritage and the stories of those who came before us. As we adorn ourselves with these timeless treasures, we not only appreciate their beauty but also become custodians of the history and traditions they represent. In the realm of Anokhee Ada’s, jewelry is a narrative medium, and every piece is a chapter in the larger story of our shared human heritage. 



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