Bella Hadid takes on a fashion challenge on TikTok; It proves that she makes everything look good

Normally, we’d all take style tips from Bella Hadid in the blink of an eye. So heads up: You might want to think twice about following her lead on what to wear on your first day back to school. On Thursday, the 25-year-old model joined photographer Tyrell Hampton to give TikTok user Morgan Presley’s back-to-school outfit a boost. At first, Hadid is wearing a white T-shirt, black basketball shorts and white socks. She then goes on to join many who have followed Presley’s instructions and turns them on their head. When the narrative calls for her and Hampton to try on a pair of “fitting” shorts, Hadid does just that—albeit without removing the insanely large ones she’s already wearing.

“Personally, I like to tie my jackets to show off my waist,” Presley says — a move so weird she’s no doubt joking. But, as is the case with the heels that Hadid eventually wears without taking off her white socks, they’re actually what Hadid has been rocking when she’s not getting up for TikTok shenanigans. In fact, we wouldn’t be too surprised to see Hadid wearing the final result on the street. Commenters agree: Almost everyone responded with something along the lines of “this look proves Bella can make anything look good.”

Courtesy of @tyrellhampton2

If you have a feeling you won’t be as successful as Hadid in pulling off such a look, there are plenty of other times she’s inspired what to wear when she returns to school. And if there’s one thing you can’t go wrong with, it’s one of her essentials: big pants.

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