Best Running Gear (2023): Shoes, Apparel, Accessories


I have given Convincing people to start running outside in winter. Gyms are safe! And to run outside in the bleak, frozen darkness, dragging loads of clothes and lights, isn’t something that calls out to you, a few well-meaning words probably won’t do the trick.

But running during these long, stressful months is a chance to give cabin fever the finger and get some much-needed fresh air and vitamin D. Looking for some tips on how to prevent hypothermia while camping? I’ve put together some beginner tips that keep me going every day. Also, check out our best fitness trackers and best running shoes guides — and all the gear that helped WIRED’s former editor run a fast marathon in his forties.

Updated February 2023: We’ve added some of our favorite cold weather running picks like the Patagonia Pack Out Tights.

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