Bhikkilal’s: A Brand that is Preserving its Decades of Legacy Through Modernisation! 




Bhikkilal’s- Have you ever wondered how a brand that has been around for 127 years manages to stay relevant in a world where automation and flashy marketing tactics are the norms? Meet Bhikkilal’s, the true embodiment of a brand that has successfully adapted to modernization without compromising its core values.


Here are the Bhikkilal’s secrets of keeping the 127-year-old legacy alive 


New Products and Flavours


From its humble beginnings of a Lemon Squash made by the mother of the owners, Late Seth Sahab Shri Bhikkilal and Chhotaylal Agarwal, this brand has expanded to offer a wide range of products including Murabba, Pickles, Aam Papad, Papad, Mangodi, Digestives, Snacks, and many more. What sets them apart from the competition is their constant experimentation with new products while maintaining the authenticity and quality that their customers have come to expect.


No Compromise with Quality


At the heart of Bhikkilal’s success lies their unwavering commitment to quality. They never compromise on the authenticity and premium quality that their customers have grown to love. This commitment has been the key to their longevity and continued success.


Packaging for Customers 


In addition to its commitment to quality, Bhikkilal’s has also embraced change by updating its packaging to appeal to a wider range of customers. Their gift packages, which include miniature versions of their syrups, have been a game-changer, appealing to people of all ages and industries. Their branding and packaging are both attractive and modern, making them a hit with everyone from youngsters to adults.


In a world where many brands struggle to stay relevant, Bhikkilal’s stands out as a shining example of how a legacy brand can adapt to modernization without losing its authenticity.



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