“Brilliant Group of Institutions: Leading the Way in Education with Quality and Innovation”




Brilliant Group of Institutions, under the able leadership of Mr. Muhammed Ashraf, has been at the forefront of the Indian education sector for several years now. With a focus on quality education and personalized attention to students, Brilliant has become a household name in the field of education. The institution’s contributions to education have been recognized by several prominent organizations, including the Qatar Ministry of Education, the Gulf India Friendship Association, and the British Council.


Brilliant’s commitment to excellence has been recognized by the Qatar Ministry of Education, which awarded it the Best Educational Institution award. The institution’s innovative approach to education, personalized attention to students, and diverse range of courses have set it apart from other institutions in the region. The Gulf India Friendship Association also recognized the institution’s contributions to the field of education with an award for outstanding achievements.


Furthermore, the Brilliant Group has been recognized as the best institution among the Indian community, receiving multiple awards associated with the Indian community. As the British Council’s official partner for IELTS registration for Indian students, the institution has helped thousands of students achieve their dreams of studying abroad.


Apart from his contributions to the field of education, Mr. Muhammed Ashraf also has a keen interest in agriculture. He cultivates various vegetables in the vicinity of his house, showcasing his passion for farming and sustainable living. This interest in agriculture reflects his commitment to sustainable development and his vision for a better future.


The Brilliant Group’s achievements and awards are a testament to its commitment to quality education and its dedication to students’ success. The institution’s unique approach to education, experienced teachers, and diverse range of courses have made it an excellent choice for students looking to achieve academic and professional success. Mr. Muhammed Ashraf’s leadership and vision have played a significant role in the institution’s success, making it one of the most respected educational institutions in India.


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