Common Items That Modern Blacksmiths Can Make

Common Items That Modern Blacksmiths Can Make

It might surprise you to learn that blacksmithing is a craft that many artisans still practice today. While many of the techniques have not changed since the craft’s development, some of the tools and items modern blacksmiths produce are more evolved. Whether you’re interested in the art of blacksmithing yourself or want to see how the craft has evolved, keep reading to learn some common items modern blacksmiths can make.

Home or Commercial Tools

One of the best things about being a blacksmith is that you can create your own tools. Once you have an initial set of tools and smelting materials, you can craft additional pieces such as hammers, tongs, hooks, clamps, and more. This is ideal for those times when you need a specific tool shape or size and have trouble finding the correct version online or in retail stores.

Metallic Jewelry

Another example of common items that modern blacksmiths produce is jewelry. Blacksmiths can melt down precious metals to form and shape new jewelry pieces. They might use old, antique jewelry as the base or acquire scrap metal from distributors. You can even melt down gold in your home workshop with the proper tools.

Art Pieces

Making jewelry is just one art form that blacksmiths can tap into. Blacksmiths can also use their metalworking skills to create all kinds of art pieces, such as wall hangings, garden statues, decorative frames, and more. If you’re a fellow creator or appreciator of metal art, you may want to try your hand at blacksmithing to see what you can produce.

Replica Weapons

Some modern blacksmiths channel the traditional techniques that smiths of the past used to create weapons and tools. Many modern blacksmiths create replica swords, axes, and other weapons with these forging techniques. These smiths are often known as “bladesmiths” for their unique category of work and specialty techniques.

If you’re interested in making any of these common blacksmithing creations, consider taking a blacksmithing course near you. You can learn a lot about the tools and techniques that go into making these items and other pieces modern smiths create.

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