Unlocking the Power of Experience: How GuruShaala will Change the Way We Learn



Mehul Jain, aka Jogi, an entrepreneur and business strategist based in Indore, has launched “GuruShaala.” GuruShaala is a platform for experiential learning where anyone can submit their wishes to learn in the website’s wishbox, so we’ll help you get in touch with professionals who have practical experience. One can learn skills through online courses, and everyone can access information via Google, but we have long lacked in-depth understanding and live connection with experienced individuals. To close this gap, Prabhat Agrawal (CTO) developed this webportal.


Devansh Negi, The Academic Head says “Learning has always been an important aspect of human growth. Nevertheless, conventional learning strategies like lectures, textbooks, and tests are often tiresome and ineffective. Through immersive, interactive experiences that engage students and help them retain knowledge, GuruShaala will transform the way we learn. The potential of learners can be unlocked via GuruShaala, which provides a special fusion of interactive technology, real-time feedback, and individualized learning. We will assist you in achieving your objectives, whether you’re a student looking to improve your academic experience or a professional hoping to upskill and promote your career.” 

In a subsequent conversation about Gurushaala, Kartik Sharma, the  Networking Manager clarifies how the platform functions in that it helps a variety of professionals build their own innovative curriculums on the platform while also integrating the audience to the experienced professionals they’re seeking. In order to embed experience-based learnings into the foundations of the Indian educational system, GuruShaala also curates GuruVaani, a one-on-one interaction session amongst students and other skill-learners and seasoned industry professionals.GuruVaani recently held its inaugural session at Jaipuria Institute in Indore, with Prakhar Tiwari from The Blunt Media.





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