Crunchy Lash Extensions: The Causes and Fixes

Crunchy Lash Extensions: The Causes and Fixes

Are you a professional cosmetologist that has clients complaining about disheveled, crunchy lashes or a regular user baffled by your extensions’ strange, hard texture? Crunchy lash extensions are a common issue for those who wear extensions on an ongoing basis. In this blog post, we’ll take an in-depth look at what causes these crunchy-looking eyelash extensions and explore some possible solutions for combating the faulty fringe. Let’s jump in!

What Are Crunchy Extensions?

Crunchy lash extensions are an unfortunate but common side effect of wearing eyelash extensions. It can be a disheartening experience for extension wearers after investing so much time and money into their lashes. Thankfully, crunchy extensions aren’t unfixable.

What Causes Crunchy Extensions?

First, it’s important to understand the root cause of crunchy lash extensions. The most common culprit behind this problem is the bonders used in lash adhesives. Most lash extension adhesives are water-based and dry quickly, causing the lashes to become crunchy if they dry too quickly. Using an adhesive not designed for long-term wear or exposing the glue to too much heat or humidity can also result in crunchiness.

How To Prevent Crunchy Extensions

The good news is that you can prevent and reverse crunchy lash extensions. Here’s how cosmetologists can reduce the likelihood of extensions turning crunchy.

The Dos and Don’ts

The first step to avoiding crunchy extensions is to learn about the dos and don’ts of lash sealant application. Applying the sealant properly is the key to preventing them from drying out and becoming crunchy.

Practice Patience

Take your time during the application process to ensure that you place each lash properly. You should re-check the base of each extension for excess adhesive and trim away any extra glue if needed.

Use Professional-Grade Products

Remember to use quality products when working on extensions, from removers and sealants to lash shampoos and conditioners. Quality adhesives last longer than cheaper glue brands, while inferior removers can cause damage that leads to crunchy lashes.

How To Reverse Crunchy Extensions

If the extensions turn brittle and crunchy regardless, there are several ways to reverse the crunch and make them soft and silky again.

Rehydrate Your Extensions

Properly hydrated extensions will look better, last longer, and won’t be prone to crunchiness. Apply a few drops of oil-based solution (we recommend coconut oil) directly to the lashes for added moisture.

Use Heat Therapy

Heating up the extensions with a blow dryer can help reduce crunchiness. Applying medium heat at a distance of 10–15 cm is enough to loosen the lashes and make them more flexible.

Keep Them Clean

Regularly cleaning your extensions prevents buildup that could lead to stiff lashes. Use an oil-free cleanser designed for lash extensions, and make sure to gently massage the lashes while cleaning. This will keep them soft and supple.

Cosmetologists, lash extension users, and all beauty lovers alike can now take comfort in knowing the causes of crunchy extensions and how to fix them quickly and efficiently. By taking our advice into consideration and being mindful when it comes to their lash care routine, everyone can enjoy a fresh set of lashes with no hassle.

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