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If you’re a university or college-level student interested in the future of finance in crypto — or just plain curious — pack a bag and head to Miami for TC Sessions: Crypto on November 17th.

why? Well, for starters, TechCrunch (of Disruption and Startup Battleground fame) brings its top talent to attract top tech founders, CEOs, investors and unicorns to focus on the cryptoverse – blockchain, cryptocurrency, NFTs and web3.

Here are the top five reasons why you should buy a student pass to join and learn in the crypto community in the classic “but wait, there’s more”:

  1. You’ll meet, engage and learn from the people who create and build in this rapidly changing sector. Hear about the latest trends, products and, yes, controversies from our main stage speakers and conference sessions.
  2. Go mining to find a co-founder, job or mentor and start expanding your network. The contacts you make may lead to your future funding.
  3. Explore more than a dozen first-rate startups on the exhibit floor. See what products are coming down the pike, and again, find your network.
  4. Face-to-face communication. Combine the two-year famine with physical events. The main business of crypto is happening behind the scenes in front of the screen and, well, it will be great for everyone to see. Meeting real people in real time leads to real inspiration.
  5. Your student pass is only $49. Boom

*** Bonus factor Miami…In November. Sweet!

TC Sessions: Crypto takes place in, ahem, Miami On November 17. Buy a $49 student pass and go. If the financial future is crypto, you can’t miss it.

Is your company interested in sponsoring or exhibiting at TC Sessions: Crypto? Contact our sponsorship sales team at Fill out this form.

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