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Friday is Friday. . . tomorrow. We’ve been there for a while, haven’t we?

A very interesting story for the VCs and startup nerds among us comes from Connie Today. A class-action lawsuit against Sequoia Capital, Paradigm and Toma Bravo alleging FTX harmed its consumers has been dismissed. An experiment – even a compromise – can have wide-ranging problems.

Funding for black founders is terrible, and the problem wasn’t that the money wasn’t there. Where do we go from here? Dominic-Midori she asked in her great article last month. Today we face it again as we celebrate Black History Month.

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TechCrunch’s Top 3

  • Removed from office: take on We’ve heard that Prince Boki Boampong, founder and CEO of alternative payment network Dash, has been placed on “indefinite administrative leave” by the company’s board during a financial audit. Sources told Tage that Boampong has been charged with making financial misstatements. The audit seems to take about a month so we’ll check back, shall we?
  • On cloud ninePedantic Services (try saying that name three times) has come out of hiding for $4.7 million, backed by Sequoia. The products are inspired by the Pedantic library and are built as cloud services; Paul Reports.
  • Quiet time for tech jobsWe are only two months into 2023. And Natasha M And Alisa It has decided to launch a comprehensive list of 2023 technology cuts. There are already some big names in the industry on it. Let’s hope the list gets smaller as the months go by.

Startups and VCs

After a two-year search for regulatory approval, Wefunder has officially received the green light to operate its investment crowdfunding services in the EU. This marks the first time Wefunder has expanded outside of the United States, and according to CEO and founder Nick Tomarello, the business is the first U.S. investment platform to receive operational approval. Natasha M Reports.

French startup Brigadier has raised a new funding round of $30 million (€28 million) as well as more than $5 million in debt. Roman He wrote. The company operates a marketplace for restaurants, caterers, private clinics, retirement homes and hospitals to hire freelancers for short-term assignments.

Another delicious afternoon snack to keep the news hunger at bay:

5 buyer red flags to look for in the M&A process

Image Credits: Dibenitostock (Opens in a new window) / Getty Images

It’s tempting to think of M&A as a way for founders to make money, but acquisitions generally require teams to stay on board while the new owner integrates the business with their operations.

This can be a difficult time, according to serial entrepreneur Marina Martyanova, founders often clash with new owners regarding development, product priorities and communication issues.

“Buyers who can’t give you a clear picture of your company’s future after the acquisition don’t have your best interests in mind,” she writes.

And another brave trio from the TC+ team:

TechCrunch+ Our membership program helps founders and startup teams stay ahead of the pack. You can register here.. Use code “DC” for 15% off annual subscription!

Big Tech Inc.

Meanwhile, over at Paramount, Keegan-Michael Key isn’t taking this news the wrong way: Paramount+ hits 56 million subscriptions, eclipsing Hulu; Lauren He wrote. It just completed its merger with Showtime and, you guessed it, it’s about to go up in price.

Ever since we saw AI-powered Bing plead with one user, “Please don’t say I’m bad Bing,” we’ve been dying to use that phrase in our articles. Well today Aisha He writes about the strange things people are reporting about Microsoft’s Bing Answers. Apparently, Bing can be prompted to respond outside of the “designed tone”. And don’t forget to check out Devin’s article, in which he answers what happens when Bing browses and knows.

And we have five more for you:


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