‘Destiny 2: Falling Light’ review: Destiny at its best – often

Strand is honest. in order to Good and in order to It’s fun to use, making older subs feel a little lacking in comparison. Even if you change Grapple to one of two grenade options – one spawns small creatures called Curlings, mine ChildrenAnd another is a crowd control option that traps enemies in a glowing green web – you’re still having such a good time, you might even forget the other parts for a while. Of course, that was the case with any new subdivision. Fate 2 It’s been introduced before, but this one feels different, because you’re not just given a few tweaked mechanics, you’re given a bunch of new mechanics. And A new way to pass the worlds Fate 2.

A cloud with a dark chance

Let’s talk about Rohan and Nebus, the Cloudstriders, guardians of Neomuna. There are always two of them, and they only live for 10 years, as a result of the severe nano-enhancement they volunteer to become Cloudstriders. We spend a lot of time with Nimbus, his smaller counterpart to Rohan’s Wonder, and every minute is a blast.

Fate 2 There’s no shortage of brooding, stoic men and busy, damaged women. Nimbus is a breath of fresh air, because it’s none of those things. They are bright, bubbly, and non-binary. With a youthful (and delightfully immature) sense of humor, it’s lovable and exciting, and we just can’t get enough of it. Fate 2. Voiced by series newcomer Marin Miller, Nimbus is a heartthrob. A flash of light Campaign.

Too often we get only the narrowest fragments of historical development. Fate 2Supporting actors. But here’s the thing. A flash of light is greater than We get a lot of time with Nimbus. Over the course of the campaign, we begin to realize that Nimbus’ excitement isn’t just some defensive mechanism or immaturity. It’s a choice.

Against the horrors of the universe, Nimbus protects youth from the simple cynicism that comes with grief and loss. They have 10 years to live and live every last moment to the fullest. It’s a sympathetic performance, and even when things get more serious and based on the post-campaign story, it’s still refreshing. I can’t wait to see Nimbus in the upcoming seasons.

A few loose ends

Although there is something I like A flash of lightFinishing the campaign felt like a relief. In the end, I felt like I had done the same missions a few times. Protect the object, get to the object before the bad guy. Very interesting ingredients A flash of light Unfortunately, it’s not something we spend a lot of time researching.

what is it. How did the Veil (besides being justified to send it to Neptune?) Neomuna get there? What’s the deal with Strand? What does the witness really want? Spending time with Nimbus and exploring the new Strand’s powers was a lot of fun, but every time I finished a mission I found myself wishing I was there, staring at the horizon where the real battle would take place.

Thank you, after completing the campaign A flash of light Hey you do Go get involved in the big fight and that’s what the resistance season is built on. Queen Mara of the Space Elves (oops, I mean awakened) needs your help freeing prisoners from her (probably well-made) hostages, and these missions are a blast. They are fun, challenging, imaginative. awesome. It looks like you have to play through Dreaming City before touching the story line The one left. No matter how good the resistance season is and A flash of light Stories, there is an acute gap between them, which makes for some difficult journeys.

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