“Dr. Sujata Singhi : “Emotional Wellness in the Age of Technology”

Dr. Sujata Singhi

Dr. Sujata Singhi is a well-known motivational speaker, bestselling author, TEDx speaker, master NLP trainer, and spiritual scientist. She has over 20 years of combined working and business experience, and has transformed more than 300,000 lives across universities, colleges, corporates, government departments, hospitals, social groups, NGOs, Clubs, associations, and more. She is a rare spiritual scientist who leads people towards practising transformative spiritual sciences globally to build stronger nations and bring world peace.

She is the World Peace Ambassador, India and holds prestigious leadership board positions in research institutions like IJBST, an MIL of UNESCO and EUDOXIA research University, USA and Research Center, India.

Dr. Singhi holds a Masters in Business Administration majoring in Finance and Marketing. However, she followed her calling and moved from the corporate environment towards transforming lives by imparting life skill education and wellness guidance with the help of sound and spiritual sciences using the wisdom of Vedic leadership, both in the arena of corporate and public governance. She has done extensive research in the field of Sound as Medicine and the Spiritual Science of the Vedic systems in leadership and wealth creation. Dr. Singhi has been conferred with s, including one in Sound and Spiritual Sciences accredited by Cambridge Distance Education, UK, and also conferred with a D.Litt. in Musical Arts.

Her work has been recognized by the World Book of Records, UK. India Book of Records, Iconic Book of Records, Star Book of Records in Personal and Professional categories.

She is invited globally by corporates, colleges, universities, professional groups, intercultural groups, women and empowerment groups, conferences and conclaves as a speaker, key-note speaker, chief guest and also to conduct trainings, bootcamps, workshops on concepts of Mental and Emotional Wellness to enhance productivity and efficiency.

Dr. Singhi talks about the How one can be a great at living.

One has to keep one’s head above all worries. The habit of independence has to be generated. Life is a God’s gift. Life is great, real and for living. Joys and sorrows are two sides of the life. If winter comes, spring cannot be far behind. After the darkest hour is the dawn, and every dark cloud has the silver lining.

Reason and intellect are the civilized man’s forte. Worries rise in every mind but those captivate only the weak and those who are uncertain of actions. The bold mind keep worries down and get to fruitful work and work brings its own record with accompanying happiness and security.

Action is the only moving instrument in life, and thinking that aids man to pick up the correct line of action is also to be lauded. But thinking has a spinning process of turning out useless things which are never given practical shapes. Useless thinking is to be discarded.

Know Your Worries:

Before you start worrying, pause a little and analyse the cause of your worry. We are worried because to match deadlines. We are always in a hurry to reach or to leave from one place to another on time. We set certain targets for ourselves to get achieve in due course of time limit. External stakeholders like friends, family, social’s reaction, acceptance, appreciations or critics make a great change in your existing happiness. Being getting failures, what people think that too are added in the list of having / creating stress.

We are living in the world to impress others many times. We are feared to get failures in the life.

How to deal with Stress:

Mind is supreme. It has to be developed. Mental development is done through practice. Control of the mind is of first importance. Lethargy and sloth are the twin enemies of the mind. They block mind’s powers and bring it to a state of inactivity.

Stress is an artificially created by us. Some of the techniques I learnt to deal with stress are

Have less expectations from the surrounded people

Surround yourself with Nature in weekends or spare time

Spend quality time with yourself, well wishers and family members

Go for morning walk, yoga, meditation

Detached yourself from all emotions

Identify and then learn to control your emotions

Disconnect from work after office hours

Drink more water, have sound sleep and adopt it’s okay attitude.

Learnt to Manage your priority and accordingly adjust your timetable as per.

Develop any hobby which give you feel “good factor”.

Sports is also a best stress buster

Learnt to SAY NO when you feel so.

Life your life like a king size with minimum of worry and maximum of hopes, joy, energy and enthusiasm.


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