Meet people using Noz to plan their entire lives


Tommy Meyer, a web developer from Phoenix, Arizona, started using Notion around 2018 after realizing he was carrying three different notebooks at any given time to stay organized. “I haven’t written a paper grocery list in years,” he says. He uses it to help him plan the fantasy novels he wants to write.

While Notion devotes himself to memoir and journalism, UK-based voice actor and audio artist Adam Warren uses his YouTube channel to manage his projects.

“Now I earn something equivalent to a good full-time salary from Youtube and Patreon, and all the management of that business is done in Notion,” he explained. “I have all my video projects in a database and I use Kanban view to track their status. I also write scripts for my videos in those database pages.

For those who feel organized, these types of forums make a lot of sense. Apps like Notion help us organize and simplify our lives so that we feel less overwhelmed and chaotic, says Elena Turoni, a consulting psychologist.

But spending so much time streamlining and organizing our lives can be counterproductive when we prioritize creating to-do lists over completing the actual tasks on them.

Using Notion to track whether you’re drinking enough water or running doesn’t mean you’re using it to plan. “In a way, Notion might help me find structure, but it might not work to get me going,” she says.

There could be downsides for people like Bergen, who use the same app to showcase their personal and work lives, Turoni added.


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