Front row device! Meet Neiman Marcus’ stylish VP of luxury fashion Jodi Kahn and follow her to NYFW

Neiman Marcus power player and industry veteran Jodi Kahn has stepped into a major new position after 14 years at the storied multi-brand retailer. The Dallas-based luxury fashion VP hasn’t wasted a second. Since taking the reigns of her role, Kahn has introduced twelve new and emerging brands to the offering and overseen key partnerships such as the runaway success that was Balmain x Barbie. We caught up with her during a hectic NYFW and before she begins her whistle-stop tour of Europe for shows in London, Paris and Milan, to hear how things are going…and what’s to come!

What will you do in your new role?
It’s a unique and very exciting new role which combines my insider fashion perspective with my strong business acumen. As fashion director and overseeing the fashion office, I continue to work very closely with all of our buying offices and brand partners to deliver best-in-class collections and exceptional experiences for Neiman Marcus customers. My goal is to always ensure that luxury fashion is at the heart of the Neiman Marcus business. During fashion month, I work with the team to identify key trends and pieces for the season, as well as meeting new brands and designers to introduce to our discerning customers.

How do you prepare for fashion month?
I think about the mood of each city and how that will inspire my look every day. Since I will be traveling for over a month – the preparation starts early! I have a rotating shelf that I start adding pieces to about a month in advance. From there, I identify key pieces that I build my look around. Even though it’s been a long time since I’ve been away from my home in Dallas, it’s fun to figure out what I’ll be wearing in each city once the show times are announced! I’m super excited about this dress from Proenza Schouler, the Barbie pinks that are everywhere right now, some classic denim, and a pair of my favorite Christian Louboutin mules for running around town.

Jodi Kahn

What are your NYFW essentials?
A phone charger and AirPods are a must! I take pictures constantly, so a fully charged iPhone is a must. I use my AirPods to stay on top of business meetings and work calls between shows.

What is your morning routine?
A morning routine is essential to keep yourself on track while traveling! I always try to fit an early workout into my day, either at a hotel gym or a class at Barry’s Bootcamp. My workouts are just as important to my mental health as my physical, and they give me the energy I need for a long day of shows, events and showroom meetings. Following all the important headlines in WWD, Fashion Business, AND Business Vogue…of course, Daily First Line!

What does a typical day look like?
My day starts early in the morning and is non-stop until the evening – it’s a very exciting mix of shows, press events, meetings with editors, client meetings, showroom meetings and researching potential brand partners for Neiman Marcus. It’s a chaotic schedule, but all part of the fun!

What are you most looking forward to when attending NYFW?
It’s a privilege to be up close and personal at all the shows and showroom meetings I attend. I love being surrounded by the most talented people in the industry who are also my peers. It feels like our version of a “back to school” reunion is reaching out to editors, stylists, and designers. Identifying new and exceptional talent is an important focus for our team during Fashion Week. We aim to be the leading fashion authority in luxury retail, so we prioritize new and want to provide a diverse range of brands. It’s always a highlight to see which new collections and designers will really excite our discerning customers.

What is your favorite part about being on the show?
The energy before the shows start is always electrifying and contagious. As soon as the lights go down, I get excited (and a little anxious) to see the designer’s creativity and vision come to life!

Any other highlights this season?
My favorite moment during New York Fashion Week was co-hosting the Neiman Marcus Live Your Luxury Fall campaign cocktail party with Jason Rembert and Erin Walsh. It was great to celebrate with a diverse, dynamic and creative fashion community and have fun at the same time!

Anne Hathaway and Jodi Kahn at the Neiman Marcus Live Your Luxury Event (Courtesy)

What’s one thing you do every time you’re in NYC?
I love finding new workout studios to try when I’m in NYC. Trying new restaurants when I’m in town is also a highlight—I loved Cucina Alba and my all-time favorite is The Polo Bar; it just makes me happy! If I have time, I like to explore different neighborhoods and am often inspired by the different street style looks that are distinct to New York.

What helps you balance everything?
Stay organized! I’m fortunate to have an incredible team that I can tap into while traveling to keep the day-to-day business moving. Communication with my team is essential to ensure nothing falls through the cracks.

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