Fun Facts About Photography You Didn’t Know

Nowadays, you can take a photo of anything with a click of a button or a tap on your smartphone. But what many don’t realize are the technological advancements photography experienced that helped revolutionize the hobby as you know it today.

While envisioning many chemicals developing a single photograph can be challenging for some; the process is very real and quite tedious! Prepare to look through the past as you read some fun facts about photography you didn’t know about and celebrate the art throughout time.

The Discovery of the First Photo Negative

Unsurprisingly, many people don’t know about photo negatives; however, these film strips contain more than a copy of the image imprinted on them!

An English scientist named Fox Talbot was responsible for spearheading photography. Talbot produced “photogenic drawings” until 1835 when he encountered the first photo negative, which he would eventually turn into a positive image.

Panoramas Capture Different Points in Time

Panoramas provide a refreshing way to capture the world around you. Panoramic photography creates drama while capturing subtleties that provide visual interest and uniqueness.

For instance, taking a photo with a wider lens allows you the opportunity to catch different moments in time and then mesh them together in one display.

The Most Expensive Photograph

A well-known name in photography, Peter Lik claimed to have sold the most expensive photograph ever at a price point of an estimated seven million dollars. The photograph, known as “The Phantom,” features a subterranean cavern in an Arizona Canyon. While the transaction sounds opulent, the sale never saw an official record since the buyer wished to remain anonymous.

Photography has an enriching, extensive history that dates back over 200 years! There are plenty of other fun facts about photography you didn’t know! However, these small, meaningful details introduce you to pioneering technologies and archaic processes that continue transforming the hobby into what you’re familiar with today.

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