Hear ClassDojo and SignalFire preview the edtech opportunity at TechCrunch Live


Sam Chaudhary takes his time. The founder of ClassDojo, an edtech user app focused on student classrooms, spent eight years building the company before offering a formal revenue model. Raising tens of millions in venture capital from elite Silicon Valley investors and eyeing a bigger mission: a brand families can turn to when they think about a child’s education.

Today, ClassDojo has raised over $200 million in venture capital and has set its sights on its next target. On this episode of TechCrunch Live April 26th at 12pm PDTWe dive into how Chaudhary played the long game in edtech and what he would do differently if he started over. We talk about the prospects for the sector after the pandemic and how it has calmed the investor’s patience. Chaudhary talks about his entrepreneurial journey with investor Chris Farmer, founder and CEO of SignalFire.

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He leads SignalFire, a seed platform firm that recently raised $900 million in four new funds. SignalFire describes it as “the only venture firm with a true ML system that is closed loop.” Prior to SignalFire, Farmer led General Catalyst’s seed program, helping land deals at Coinbase, Discord, and Stripe. He talks about investing in companies that are not in a rush to generate revenue, market competition and the next generation of entrepreneurs.

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