The hacker who hacked Matt Walsh’s Twitter was just ‘boring’


Who is the hacker? Last night, right-wing pundit Matt Walsh said his hacked Twitter account was harmless—even though he was in a position to punish some of them outright. He said the whole purpose of the attack was to create controversy and sow chaos on Twitter.

If that’s all he was after, well, mission accomplished.

Walsh’s account was first hacked on Tuesday night after a series of out-of-character posts appeared on his feed. They include other conservative media figures, including his colleague and Daily Wire host Ben Shapiro. “You know what you’ve done, you’re closeted gay and you hide behind being Jewish,” the hacker, who goes by the name Dummed, wrote in a tweet sent by Shapiro.

Other tweets read: “Joe Rogan is a pedophile” and “Andrew Tate can vouch for the dispossessed and r*ped those girls.” The former British kickboxer and controversial misogynist was arrested and jailed in Romania last year on human trafficking charges.

Walsh, who hosts the eponymous Daily Wire podcast, has been repeatedly labeled an “online troll.” He has previously described himself as a “theocratic fascist,” said he believes anime is “satanic,” and has pushed for government executions against doctors who provide gender-affirming care to minors.

In an effort to attack the LGBTQ community online and in the media, particularly by denigrating trans people as “bridesmaids”, Walsh criticized a series of recent comments calling 16-year-old girls “too fertile”.

Matt Walsh likes to ‘trigger’ people, so his aim was to make funny tweets,” said Domed, who declined to give his real name. “We didn’t do any financial damage, we didn’t threaten anyone [nor] It ruined everything.” “It was just a few stupid words on social media,” he said.

A tweet posted on Walsh’s profile, which was suspended a few hours after the hack, read: “My pronouns are ya/N***a.”

The hacking was done using a technique known as SIM swapping, according to Doomed. The attack typically involves hackers tricking the mobile phone provider into transferring the victim’s phone number to the hackers’ SIM card, rather than the one in the victim’s phone. But Darumed said Walsh’s phone was hacked with the help of an “insider.”

In addition to his Twitter account, Walsh’s Google and Microsoft accounts appear to have been compromised, giving Domed unlimited access to the right-wing host’s personal emails.

Several screenshots were provided as proof of the attack, including a clear copy of Walsh’s W2 tax form that lists his employer as Bentky Services, LLC, publisher of The Daily Wire. (Business records list Shapiro as a director of the company.) Other images include a direct message from Shapiro on Twitter from 2017. The emails were shared by Walsh and conservative commentator Steven Crowder, the Loud with Crowder Podcast, March 2014. And a photo of Walsh in a November 2020 paper—seemingly used to confirm the same accompanying message.


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