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LaQuan McCarley It is a government contracting specialist that provides consulting services to help small businesses do business with the federal government. Her firm, Verve Consulting Inc., provides business development, compliance, proposal management and certification services to companies seeking to do business with the federal government. With over 20+ years of experience, she understands the challenges small business owners face, and is often referred to as a bridge to help clients navigate business ownership and government contracting hurdles to reach their revenue goals. Learn more at www.verveconsultantsinc.com

LaQuan McCarley is a government contracting specialist

Meredith Bell She has been an entrepreneur since 1982. It has developed hundreds of programs to help leaders and their team members communicate and work more effectively. She has worked personally with thousands of entrepreneurs, leaders, mentors and coaches. She enjoys building strong relationships with clients, vendors, associates and vendors. She understands what it takes to build the loyalty and commitment that leads to repeat business and referrals.

Meredith is the host of the popular Strong Leaders podcast and is also a frequent guest on podcasts, covering topics such as communication skills essential for the workplace, the benefits of focusing on giving and service, and developing positive habits. and skills over time. Learn more at growstrongleaders.com

Meredith Bell entrepreneur

Vernon L. WilliamsKnown as an anti-stress strategy, it helps prevent stress and burnout. He is an author, speaker and coach known for testing, motivating and equipping clients to overcome stress and burnout. Since his start in business, Vernon has had a reputation for exceeding client expectations and helping people see their problems in a new light. He is the author of eight books including The 7 Top Myths That Perpetuate Anxiety (And How to Get Rid of Them) And The Power of Happiness: 21 Days to Conquer Your Problems. He has created several online courses, including Verno. Prevention of occupational stress And Positive thinking strategies for business owners. Go to for more information PreventWorkStress.com.

Vernon L.  Williams stress prevention strategist

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This week on the SmallBizChat podcast:

  • A fun, quick quiz round.
  • Our guests’ favorite podcasts.
  • Their favorite business app.
  • Their favorite old-school marketing tip.
  • Plus a few other questions for up and coming business leaders.

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