April 10, 2023

Style a favorite warm weather brand today: La Vie Style House! I fell in love with this label a few years ago and have been slowly growing my collection over time (see some past posts here , here , here , and here ). Their kaftan dresses are just so easy to dress up or down and are my favorite pieces in the closet to accessorize. And, just when I think I don’t need another one – BAM – the team comes up with a new fic that I fall in love with. Scroll below to see the specific pieces I’m loving right now and how I’m styling them for spring!

Earrings // Shoes // Orange Lace Kaftan Dress // Bag

Earrings // Shoes // Floral Lace Kaftan Dress // Bag

Earrings // Bag // Yellow Lace Kaftan Dress // Shoes

Headband // Shoes // Silver Sequin Kaftan Dress // Bag

Bag // Floral Kaftan Dress // Earrings // Shoes

Earrings // Blue Lace Kaftan Dress // Bag // Shoes

Headband // Shoes // Pink Lace Kaftan Dress // Bag

Earrings // Shoes // Clothing Botanical themed Kaftan // Bag

Earrings // Bag // Purple Lace Kaftan Dress // Sandals


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