JSF Yuva Shakti national president Nang Lucky Gogoi Calls Attention to the Perils of Population Explosion with the Launch of a New Booklet

Nang Lucky Gogoi

May 24, 2023 – New Delhi, India – Nang Lucky Gogoi, the national president of Yuva Shakti, Janasankhya Samadhan Foundation, today announced the digital launch of a compelling booklet addressing the adverse effects of the country’s population explosion. The booklet sheds light on the rising concerns of unemployment, resource exploitation, and the potential threat to our cultural heritage.

Under the leadership of Anil Choudhary, the national president of the Janasankhya Samadhan Foundation, this booklet was launched digitally on 21st May 2023. The objective of Lucky is to raise awareness about the dangers associated with demographic imbalance. Through its comprehensive analysis, it seeks to bring awareness among every citizen of the country about the threat of population explosion.

Yuva Shakti urges every individual to take a moment to peruse this crucial booklet, emphasizing the pressing need to address the challenges posed by the population explosion. The booklet can be conveniently accessed on Facebook by following the link:


In the spirit of spreading awareness and knowledge, Yuva Shakti kindly requests you to share the provided link with your acquaintances, ensuring that it reaches every citizen of the great nation. Unitedly a meaningful dialogue can be initiated which can inspire collective action for a better future.

For those interested in a more accessible format, a downloadable PDF version of the booklet is also available on the aforementioned link. Yuva Shakti requests you distribute the PDF widely among your networks, encouraging others to read it carefully and gain a profound understanding of the gravity of the population explosion threats.

Yuva Shakti insists you join Janasankhya Samadhan Foundation in their mission to tackle the challenges posed by the population explosion so that all can strive towards a harmonious society, sustainable development, and the preservation of the rich cultural heritage.


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