Kate Spade New York returns to Fashion Week with creative new tracks and unexpected motifs for Spring 2023


Rain isn’t all gray and dreary.

When we sit under our umbrellas or mock a downpour, we shy away from joy in the rain. Rain makes new beginnings. It washes away dust, dirt or any debris that may be in its path. It gives life to plants. He gathers in puddles to splash with pleasure.

This is the philosophy that the new creative heads of Kate Spade New York have introduced into the Spring 2023 collection. This season not only marks the debut of Tom Mora and Jennifer Lyu for the brand, but also the return of Kate Spade New York to New York Fashion Week York since the start of the pandemic. (Mora will lead the ready-to-wear, footwear, jewelry, home and lifestyle categories; while Liu will lead bags and accessories.)


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