Luxlock moves designers across the runway with unlockable Phygital NFTs during Fashion Week

NEW YORK, September 16, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Creativo and MetaBurnett showcase crypto sensation during NYFW with an immersive Luxlock multi-brand fashion experience at the intersection of crypto and commerce. Creativo combines the worlds of art, technology and finance to create explosive events that unite specialist ecosystems into impactful communities.

Electric feeling turned DL on New York City during New York Fashion Week with over 400 attendees enjoying the chandelier-lit lounge showcasing the Spring 2023 collections with a live model presentation paired with their digital twins available for immediate purchase and virtual try-on by using the latest augmented reality experiences.

Reimagining the role of a designer who led Emily Burnett to reinvent its purpose with the release of MetaBurnett. It is taking a technology-first stance on commerce and is connecting with consumers through various web3 applications such as wearable metaverse twin NFTs. As one of the youngest creative directors leading global luxury brands, she is forging a new path for designers around the globe and evangelizing ambitious women to harness the power of the coming internet age.

This innovative non-fake lineup features MetaBurnett, Stephanie DillonMaakola, SENREVE and Avel Lenttan, all harnessing the power of web3 experiences with LIMITED EDITION NFT falls with unlockable e-commerce shopping experiences powered by Luxlock. In collaboration with STRUT Models, the only 100% Caribbeanfemale-owned and black-owned modeling agency in New York focused on inclusion, diversity and individuality. Alongside these, guests will preview the first NFT Collection to combine art, music and gaming with rewards shared with The modernist. A collection consisting of 9724 Genesis NFTs based on 442 hand illustration and interchangeable character art. Shown via MetaSill NFT Frames, “new markets are already forming rapidly and we will see much more change through multi-layered experiences,” it says Leo Lin, CEO of MetaSill. With joint missions for a more sustainable future, Stephanie Dillion a fashion fusion artist is determined to change the world.

“Throughout history, art movements have influenced fashion, and today technology is the primary influence of the future of commerce. Artists, designers and technologists are embracing non-fungible tokens as a modern means of future-proofing fashion,” it says. Casey Golden, Founder of Luxlock. “NFTs that solve real-world problems will shape the future of culture and commerce.” – Kelly MaxModernist co-founder

Maakola is exploring the possibilities of using Web3 technologies as a beneficial tool to change the way fashion is made, consumed and experienced. In partnership with Futureclo, of Italy The leading digital fashion house, thirty percent of the revenue generated from the sale of Maakola NFTs will be used to fund our programs in Ghana to help tailors switch to solar power and provide additional upskilling opportunities for women. While the SENREVE Aria band bags hit a QR code runway, they launched the Supernova NFT Scarf which includes a collectible NFT, physical scarf and 20% charity donation supporting Stem For Her.

Women are leading the charge of crypto trading with web3 leading fashion women to create the next generation of the internet. Italian fine jewelry allure by Avel Lenttan introduced an advanced micro-label in the precious metal that provides blockchain traceability, while shoppers can add a personal message with each piece of jewelry.

Sponsored by future-obsessed experiential companies coming together to turn dreams into reality. Velvet Group offers a premium marketplace to invest in private crypto funds. To further cement our vision to bring our investor community together in impactful and memorable experiences. until Heera Digital helps creators and collectors protect their NFTs and digital assets to facilitate a trusted and more secure space for managing high-value digital assets, a critical factor in improving web3 adoption.

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