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I was skeptical when my friends sent me a video of the tiny robotic mower scurrying across a long, flat lawn. How can a tool the size of a small tire mow a large lawn? Well, Husqvarna makes mowers that are fairly accurate and have been around for years. While the robot can’t quite finish as a weed whacker, you’ll still get a well-groomed lawn for a little effort. Cuts the forks and mushrooms to save you the work of constantly cleaning the storage container.

Limitations include installing wire mesh around the entire perimeter of the lawn. Also, autos are less reliable than pushing or mowing on steep slopes. And like a robot vacuum, it can’t remove toys, chairs, and pipes that get in the way. Obstacles need to be removed before taking off from the charging station. Finally, lawn areas scattered across streets or sidewalks cannot be covered. Otherwise, the device is fairly complete.

The biggest drawback? Price. For an urban yard, the Residential Automower 115H (4G) is $700, and for mowing large suburban lawns, the spacious Automower 415X runs $2,000. While other, less expensive brands may suit your needs, Husqvarna has been making landscape equipment for decades and has a reputation for being built tough. I’d say it’s worth it, but the key is finding an automover that works for your yard and budget.


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