Ra.One resurfaces to claim it’s due eleven years later


Ra.One resurfaces to claim it’s due eleven years later
Ra.One resurfaces to claim it’s due eleven years later(Photo Credit –Poster From Ra.One)

Technology and cinema have always gone hand in hand. What grabs most eyeballs these days is how well a filmmaker uses VFX and CGI to improve their storytelling. Back in 2011, when Shah Rukh Khan starrer Ra.One was released, the brilliant visuals created a cinematic world that was never seen before in Indian cinema.

Ra.One, at the time, was Bollywood’s most ambitious project starring Shah Rukh Khan at the peak of his game. Anubhav Sinha, on the heels of his cool, new age caper Dus, brought the concept to SRK and was green lit reportedly in ten minutes.

A film like Ra.One, more than a decade ago with technological resources available then, is recalled as a seminal, superior achievement every time a VFX attempt comes to the audience whether it is Brahmastra or Adipurush.

It was Shah Rukh’s passion project with Director Anubhav Sinha and both always described Ra.One as a film they were making for their sons. Despite 130Cr domestic Box office in 2011 the film had a brutally polarised response ‘It felt like the backlash was concerted. A large section of the industry wanted Shah Rukh Khan to fail’ said Director Anubhav Sinha in an interview. But like a dialogue in the film ‘Ravan never dies..’ Ra.One keeps cropping back into discussion every now and then. Past few days it has been a center of discussion on social media. Even some industry stalwarts suggest a sequel of the film which seems rather improbable with Director Anubhav Sinha in a new Aavatar is churning greatly relevant social political essays like Mulk, Article15, Thappad and Anek. Also SRK is in his new action avatar of Pathaan and Jawan may never cross paths with Sinha in a Superhero film. But Ra.One will live on, who knows with another Director another day.

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