Remote work means this startup can use brains to disrupt management consultants in emerging markets.


The global management consulting industry is a multi-billion dollar industry, but to this day, disruption by technology is difficult. Traditional consulting firms offer high-quality services, but the prices are high and they have strict terms. And while there are many portals that offer low-quality freelance consulting services, these are generally unregulated and never work for corporations and the public sector.

Additionally, countries such as India are renowned for providing back office and research operations at scale. The YC compp Apollo team is on board here (although apparently their website needs work).

Intellia has so far raised $1.5m from Fatima Gobi Ventures and angels from Gokul Rajaram (Board Member of DoorDash), Mudasar Shekha (Co-Founder) and former PepsiCo Global CFO and managing partners of two large consulting firms. .

How it works is by engaging remote talent from new markets (because remote work is accepted, post-pandemic) in high-value roles in finance, strategy and public policy.

In the year Launched in 2020 from Dubai, Intellia is looking for strategy and financial advisors in emerging markets where salaries are cheap, with some AI-powered screening, to create a project delivery platform for finance, strategy and public policy.

On-demand, remote analysts (such as Colombia, Pakistan, and the United Arab Emirates) can be deployed within 24 hours and save companies 80% on recruiting and consulting budgets. It is now set to launch next month in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia and Lagos, Nigeria.

Intel founder and CEO Saad Raja told me in an email: “In terms of business model, we are very close to what Turing is to software engineering and Superside is to design – with all the remote talent trained in new markets. We are addressing the market gap between traditional consulting firms and freelance portals.

Examples of what Intellia analysts are doing now include advising international companies with product launches, even new market entry projects for Michelin star restaurants in Europe.

“We also have a broader objective: Intellia’s mission is to build frontier markets as a knowledge economy with a diverse workforce (half of our analysts are women) – aligned with ESG principles and social responsibility,” says Raja.


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