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Promote Roundup Trips in Social Places: Our all-new roundup workflow tool forms part of the My Hub Suite.

Briefing is used to integrate various briefs from franchise to headquarters in a simple, secure and efficient workflow. Designed to easily send inquiries to relevant headquarters stakeholders in white-labelled forms.

No more bounced emails, missed briefs or incomplete briefs.

Create different briefs for your industry

Create different briefs for your industry

Simplify processes

Simplify engagement between franchisees and headquarters, saving time and increasing productivity. Collaborate on an omni-channel conversation widget to centralize all communications.

Monitor progress

Track progress with status tabs that show open, pending, in production, or completed briefs.

Keep the format

Easily find all the right information in the required format and add clarity to your overall brief. Clear questions with all relevant information will result in less back and forth between stakeholders.

Safe, secure and central

Reduce security risk and protect privacy by handling briefings through the Social Places dashboard. Short trips create a safe, reliable and centralized environment for all communications between franchisees and headquarters.

For more information, contact our sales team at oi.secalplaicos@selas.


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