Sleeping in VR, and promising clean energy projects


People are congregating in virtual spaces to hang out and even sleep with their headphones on. VR bedrooms are becoming increasingly popular with people suffering from insomnia or loneliness, providing comfortable environments where strangers can safely relax and find company – often.

Each VR bedroom is designed to create tranquility. Some recreate beaches and campsites with bonfires, while others recreate hotel rooms or cabins. Soundtracks can vary from relaxing beats to nature sounds to absolute silence, while lighting can vary from neon disco balls to pitch black.

The possibility of sleeping in a group can be especially attractive to people who want to feel alone and who want to feel alone and safe to sleep. The problem is, what if the experience doesn’t make you feel that way? Read the full story.

– Tanya Basu

In a conference where researchers solve the clean-energy puzzle

Today, there are many tried-and-true solutions to combating climate change: wind and solar power are being deployed on a massive scale, electric vehicles are coming into the mainstream, and new technologies are helping companies even run off fossil fuels. Product less pollution.

But while we avoid easy climate wins, we need to innovate to tackle the more difficult areas to tackle and achieve net zero emissions.


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